Better Credit Management


Creative direction
Identity design
Website design & development

New name, new identity for a better brand experience

Better Credit Management, formally know as Blitz Credit Management, provides industry leading technology dept collection services. Better Credit Management ‘BCM’ have been providing debt collection services for over 10 years, along with being awarded the AICM Service Provider of the Year award.

BCM needed a rebrand to strengthen their corporate identity and to give them the professional edge, reflecting the true calibre of their business. Not only looking the part but providing a SEO rich website, was an important goal the marketing team were striving to achieve.


Branding collateral must invoke a modern look and feel to led and attract clients to BCM’s industry leading services.

The approach is reflected through bold lettering to create an eye-catching brand name at first glance.  A modern contextual letter ‘B’ was created to assist the company name and give support for the visual identity. Picking the perfect font is always fun but also challenging – there are literally hundreds of possibilities. I tackle this by shortlisting between 10-20 and then compose the text in several ways.


In addition to the new logo an identity guide was created to accompany the branding and provide guidance for future usage and application.

The website utilised a ‘modern’ aspect reflected in the simple, minimal layouts that featured ample white space with timeless typography.

It was important for BCM to integrate with internal systems and the ability to self-manage the website, a key aspect of the backend development. With this website I integrated a visual composer, simple to use tools and page blocks, allowing staff to easily update and maintain the new WordPress website.


A carefully crafted identity for the new brand now visually represents the quality of the services that Better Credit Management provide. The website not only supports this quality, but received the highest SEM Rush report of 92% for an overall SEO health score, lifting the online profile and online reachability. The marketing team reporting, ‘that’s the highest SEO score I’ve ever seen for a website.’ The success of this project will continue to highlight their expertise in dept collection and the effectiveness of new branding, now and well into the companies future.