FHIT by Lauren Hannaford


Brand development
Website design & development

Fit. Health. Strong. You.

Lauren Hannaford was an elite gymnast athlete and coach for over 20 years, she knows what it takes to make healthy changes and change your life. Winning state and national trophies for Gymnastics and Athletics were Lauren’s dreams — and she achieved them.

As a qualified personal trainer, Lauren loves seeing the positive impact that exercise and healthier life choices can have on a whole family. She brings her knowledge and endless passion to FHIT, and it shows.

Her intent was to appeal to the fitness market, specifically mums who would be attracted to the home work out model, whilst still maintaining her current branding. A fresh new mobile centric website was needed, backed with a strong, professional visual approach to future branding.


Appealing to the ‘fitness’ population and mothers meant personalised branding that had to build connection and evoke an inviting feeling. However, with many of their current clientele more fitness-oriented, it still had to feel inclusive for the wider population.

I utilised Laurens professional photography to complement the website design and engaged a copywriter to ensure consistent tone and messaging.

Pushing the vibrant, energetic colour palette kept the look and feel consistent to the established branding, while the copy was written to appeal predominantly to health-minded females and mothers.

As engaging with people online is key to this kind of business, the website was the primary focus and the vehicle through which I worked to build trust and brand awareness for FHITs target audience.


The website was completely redeveloped and restructured from the ground up, with new tools and offerings that would favour both the user and client. Building a user profile area allowed Lauren to gain further insights to her audience and obtain further feedback on her home work out platform. Users were also encouraged to track results via fitness tests and before and after photos.

The interface was designed to allow quicker access to workouts, discover the delicious recipes and review your exercise results, empowering the user journey and experience on both desktop and small screen devices.


All existing clientele were maintained and, within the first month of launching under their new website —before any advertising, converted 45 new clients. In the first month of targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising, FHIT memberships increased by 30%.