Saros Bar + Dining


Creative direction
Identity design
Website design & development

A little European in flavour

Tasked with creating a visual identity that matched the restaurant experience — sophistication, style and class. A place where people can casually wine & dine whether it be an intimate drink, cocktail or sharing a formidable plate.

Not all Saros experiences are the same, and we wanted this idea to translate into their visual identity — a brand that communicates lavish bar drinking to the European dining experience.


The playful font, combined with the spritzy orange and citrus-based palette is designed to feel like a celebration. We invite each patron to experience all that Saros has to offer in their own way, taking note of those little quirks that make things memorable. Our Saros regular is unafraid to explore, happy to see things differently and order that extra glass of wine.

A supporting graphic creates a symbol of the two services offered, combining them to create a visual stamp that can be used to represent the brand in the absence of, or in conjunction with, the logo.


With the development of the new logo and brand mark, all other areas of the brands materials were established to strengthen this direction. A variety of print materials, signage and stationery were created and supported by a newly designed and developed website.

The website invites users to embark on a journey with Saros Bar + Dining, to escape for the evening and be enticed to taste the food and wine of different regions. Sleek and simple motion was adopted through the website to reflect the Saros personality and seamlessly guide users to keep on exploring.


With the Saros personality at the forefront, ready to be embraced by new visitors and ready to create its own family was an incredibly successful launch, creating engagement and conversation both at the table and online.

Helping create the Saros Bar + Dining experience and truly bringing the personality of the brand to life, was a great project to be a part of.